— Co-Founder,

"Working with Avnish has had a profound effect on the way I think about myself, my interactions with others, and our company."

"He’s pushed me to avoid succumbing to my fears and survival mechanisms and to instead lead by being my most authentic self and empowering others to do likewise. 

Avnish has been instrumental in enabling me to identify my default patterns and tendencies. I’m much better equipped to see that the way I act and lead are a choice, rather than an immutable inevitability.

He’s helped me be more effective instead of trying to be right, to understand the difference between being compassionate and trying to control others’ emotions, and to declare my vision of the future instead of being victim to it. 

Conversations with Avnish range widely in terms of the content and purpose; some focus on near-term tactical issues while others focus on longer-term goals. Both tend to lead to the same underlying, root challenges that I face. It’s often the simplest tasks that result in the deepest learning. 

Avnish also helps me look at myself as a whole person, as a founder, yes, but also a father, a husband, and a friend. This holistic approach recognizes that health and well-being can only come to fruition when all top priorities are in harmony."


You’ll be the Limitless Entrepreneur.
The Integrated Organization.



Explosive Ownership

What you bring to your personal life will radiate outward. You’re the creator and the source of change. The Cause rather than the Effect. 

As a leader, you reinvent your entire organization’s effectiveness. You put to rest your self-judgments, the self-critical aspects that keep you and your people low and slow. 

There are things you’ve been meaning to do for the last 20 years - now you'll actually get them done. You'll even find the joy in risk. 

Magnetic Influence

You’ll have a consistently higher mood, attract better attitudes, and fully grasp the ability to influence people’s relationship to you and their work. 

Complaining, gripes, grudges, anything from the past will be neutralized. Whether you’re crushing it or taking it easy, people love you for who you are, . 

You’ll have higher levels of trust, intuition, and decision-making, and you’ll unlock inner peace as a source of power. 

From MERE Survival to “Top of Class”

You’ll remove the constraints that had been holding you back, whatever arena that falls in - personal, business or relationships. You’ll go from “fine” to “EXTRAORDINARY”—leading an ecstatic, passionate life. 

You’ll be more committed and in purpose, resulting in less procrastination and more identification with what you’re doing, instead rising to full comfort in your own skin. 

You’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to get things done with more velocity and effectiveness, freeing up time for you to do what you really want to do. 

Shared Vision of Impact

You’ll create community in your organization, make people naturally collaborative, and train others to become influential through your example. 

A culture of enjoyment will be fostered, with a net energy gain resulting in an increase in productivity, effectiveness and impact as you work together towards your shared vision. 

You’ll naturally and effortlessly nurture an organizational flow where your people work more harmoniously together, go with the flow in an aligned and integrated way. People will lead themselves towards results rather than dependence on being managed, and will have intrinsic ownership over themselves at all levels. 

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After talking to three or four coaches, I was a bit skeptical. A few months later, I was introduced to Avnish and we hit it off in the first 15 minutes. I knew he was the one I wanted to work with. 

For me it's not about just finding someone short-term that is going to help me through situational issues, it's about spending the time with someone who's going to support me longterm in my success.  My favorite part about working with Avnish is it's a conversation with a friend and it allows me to think through aspects of my work/relationships that I've never considered.  

If you are looking for someone to work with that will help you problem solve, identify areas of improvement, and work with you holistically (every aspect of your life) than I'd highly recommend connecting with Avnish.  Avnish is caring and very thoughtful about his approach to working with people. 

Some of the biggest challenges we've overcome together is communication.  There are so many forms of communication and I've spent a lot of my time with Avnish identifying the best way to master the art of communicating with others in so many different ways and levels.  

Avnish has been great to work with. I really hope I can continue to work with Avnish for the rest of my career.  Although it's been tough to always find time to connect, Avnish will always find a way to send me some words of wisdom to guide me through the weeks. Avnish is more than a coach, he's a friend. 

— Head of Product Marketing, Flatiron Health