If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The Science of Being Extraordinary and the Art of Extraordinary Being.

What if you tapped into your full potential? What if your organization truly understood what a resource it had in its human resources? 

Unlocking human potential is about seeing yourself honestly, finding freedom in that seeing, and being able to operate in fundamentally new ways.

In order to unlock what is possible for you, you have to become genuinely self-aware and understand how you operate as a human being.  Your blind spots are what limit what’s possible for you. And these blind spots hide in two primary places in your life...


What you don’t know you DON’T know

AUTOPILOT. Seeing, operating, and interpreting the world based in our old, fixed and habitual mindset.  Without insight into the parts of us that we don’t know we DON’T know, we are helpless to change.

What you don’t know that you DO Know

UNACCESSED WISDOM. This includes inner knowing or intuition, using our past ability to create change to understand how we can do it again in a different area, and applying our strengths to new areas.


You unlock your own human potential by applying new insight into new actions that are consistently on the edge of what is comfortable for you.

"As a former competitive athlete, Avnish was the “career equivalent” of my former Olympic skating coach. And as a great coach, he understands that achieving peak performance cannot be done in a vacuum alone. It is always a team sport.  

I came to Avnish, ironically, to learn how to build successful teams. As a soloist athlete, virtuoso musician, and individual contributor professionally, I was a great at standing on top of the podium. Alone. Although I had a vibrant social life and was involved in community affairs, I kept finding myself on teams with procrastinators where I ended up doing all the work.

Avnish helped me realize, I was the problem. Through dialogue, insightful questions, and homework - yes, you have to put effort into this – Avnish helped me refine my communication style to foster collaboration and invite ideas among teammates. As a result, colleagues now seek me out to work on projects, saying “I keep hearing great things about your working style”.

What impressed me most is how Avnish invests the energy to build a genuine connection with the ‘athlete’ as a whole person. His acute perception, honesty, and empathy enable him to be an excellent advisor, confidante and ultimately a co-traveler on the journey to extraordinary achievement.” 

— Strategy Consultant